Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can we access Lighthouse ERP from anywhere?

Yes, internet connection & third party software like App Anywhere / Citrix is required to access the same.

If client have multiple locations then internet is required to access the database server, otherwise no need of internet but internal network is required.

If client want mail utility from system then internet is required.

Below infrastructure is required to run the Lighthouse ERP:

  • Server (High End Server)
  • Windows Networking OS
  • Oracle CPU based license
  • Citrix / App Anywhere software for accessing server from another location

Our typical implementation cycle is 3 to 4 months for single location implementation.

The team size is depending upon project size (Entity / Locations). For One Entity / Location, it may be 1 to 3 consultants will be present on site (during different phases) and,3-4consultants will be available for offsite support.

This is again depending upon project size (Entity / Locations). For one entity / location, normally 60-90 onsite man days are required to perform activity like SRS / Master data preparation / Training / post Go-Live Support.

Below reasons may be there for additional man days:

  • Users are not giving time for implementation activities like SRS / Master Data preparation / Training etc. during Lighthouse consultant onsite visit.
  • Management is not being involved to close the grey areas / open issues.
  • Very slow feedback on open issues due to scope change/ modifications.
  • Implementation planning (core team ) to devote time towards project.
  • Project is not running as per schedule.

Only one IT Executive / Coordinator (having business process understanding) is required to manage the ERP implementation.

We are supporting 1000+ clients across 7+ countries for last 35 years.

  • First level support over phone calls and Web conferencing tools like Team Viewer / Anydesk.
  • We have help portal to raise issues and get feedback (depending on issue complexity).

We have categories tentative response time for issues as per below:

  • High Priority - Issues related to basic input/ output of transactions – within one working day.
  • Medium Priority – Not basic input/ output with identified error/ bug – within three working days.
  • Low Priority - Not basic input/ output with undiagnosed error/ bug – within seven working days.

Yes, we are able to integrate third party tools like attendance machine/ plc / mass flow meter as per client requirement and we have done for our most of the clients.

We do not have any migration tool but we export master data in excel sheet and prepare data as per ERP structure and import the same.

Our team helps to prepare master data during migration.

Transaction data like open purchase and sales orders have to be manually created in the system.