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Improve the core competency of the industry with Lighthouse ERP for integrated steel industry

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Managing all the divisions in Integrated Steel Plant can be challenging

Integrated plants steels plants have various divisions like Sponge Iron DRI, Pellet Plants, Steel Making Shop, Steel Melting Shop, Power Generation, and Coal Washery. These divisions of integrated steel plants creates huge challenges for managing all of them. Integrated Steel Plant have multiple source of manufacturing, and to manufacture procuring raw material from different source is unavoidable. This is the reason Integrated Steel Plants becomes tedious to manage. Logistics and transportation is also a huge challenge in Integrated Steel Plants due to high natures of diversity in the products.

Integrate and streamline all the processes in Integrated Steel Plants with Lighthouse ERP

Lighthouse ERP for Integrated Steel Plants helps the industry in integrating all the divisions to maintain efficiency in manufacturing the products. Our software helps the Integrated Steel Plants in completely transforming how the industry works and functions, making a positive impact in workflow to make it smooth. Lighthouse ERP enables full control for speedy operations through highly customized approach in security gate, weighbridge, quality control, yard management, freight management, quality linked material acceptance. These are the reasons Lighthouse ERP for Integrated Steel Plants is the perfect solution for all the requirement in the industry.

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How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Easy project management

Manage all the projects across all the divisions simultaneously with Lighthouse ERP. Lighthouse ERP software gives complete control and access to all the project data and details to enable easy project management. Automation in Lighthouse ERP makes project management simple.

Centralized storage

Lighthouse ERP enables the industry and business to store all the information, data, reports, project details, and financial information to store in centralized servers. This makes the exchange of information seamlessly easy and gives full access from any location without geographical challenges.

Easy Supply Chain Management

Manage the entire supply chain right from the procurement of raw material to delivering the finished goods to the supplier, Lighthouse ERP software provides complete solution for supply chain management in the industry. Lighthouse ERP delivers impeccable performance in the industry.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in maintaining all the machines and equipments. Plan and schedule downtime of all the machines and equipments accordingly with plant maintenance module.

Material Management

Material Management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in managing and tracking all the material in the industry. Starting from raw material to finished goods, material management manages all the inventory.

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in managing all the financial transactions in the industry and also all the activities associated with accounts like managing ledger, AR, AP, and cash flow.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.