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CR Steel Coil, Galvanized & Color Coated Sheet Products Manufacturing

Wrap the industry in an efficient workflow to streamline the operations with ERP for CR steel coil

ERP Software for CR Steel Coil

Market is shifting and inclining towards to use of Steel sheets and CR Steel Coil

Colour coated steel sheets are in great demand as the marketing is shifting towards galvanized steel sheets from asbestos sheets. This is due the fact that galvanized steel sheets are aesthetic, superior technology, durability, and thermal efficiency. Manufacturing CR steel coil, galvanized and colour coated steel sheets comes with great challenges. Procurement of raw material, processing the raw material, and then manufacturing the sheets includes plethora of operations and processes. These operations are intricate in nature, creating various difficulties in the process of production and manufacturing.

Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in transforming the way it works

Streamlining all the operations and processes in industry for improving efficiency is one of the most significant step in industry. Lighthouse ERP software for CR steel coil and galvanized steel sheets helps the industry in achieving the same with its tools that are designed to smoothen the workflow in the industry and brings productive change in functioning of the industry. Our ERP software irons out all the wrinkles in the workflow to get the output in expected timeline. Lighthouse ERP software is designed to handle complete needs of industry in most efficient, effective, and accurate way.

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How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Improve efficiency in working

Lighthouse ERP software helps in improving the efficiency in the industry by providing a smoother workflow to work with. Lighthouse ERP gives complete control over all the operations so that each and every operation is monitored in the industry.

Intelligent ERP

Business Intelligence in Lighthouse ERP makes our ERP software intelligence ERP. The ERP software meticulously collect all the information in real time, and then analyses the data and information with tools like data analytics, data visualization, and data mapping to gain various insights.

Easy access to information

Lighthouse ERP stores all the information in real time on centralized server. This enables the industry to access data from anywhere without any geographical hurdle or boundary. Centralized storage of data also helps the industry in proper project management.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP helps the business and industry in easy management of financial transactions. Maintaining records and managing accounts activities is managed with simplicity.

Quality Management

Quality management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the business and industry in maintaining high quality of products. Along with aesthetics, Galvanized steel sheets should be durable for better application.

Production Planning

Production Planning module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in planning and scheduling the production cycle. Easily manage the manufacturing process and maintenance of the machines and equipments with production planning module.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.