ERP Software for Sponge Iron Manufacturing industry


Sponge Iron DRI Industry

A integrated solution for entire Sponge Iron DRI industry streamlined

ERP for Sponge Iron manufacturing

Complexities is the biggest challenge in the industry

Sponge Iron DRI industry faces constant challenges throughout the reduction process. The industry has to handle heavy and intricate process as the demand and supply is heavy. Choosing the right size of ore, concentrating the ore, and handling the furnace dust is tough task in the industry. Speedy workflow with simultaneous execution of all the operation and processes posses a big challenge in Sponge Iron Direct Reduced Iron industry. Controlling the logistical movement of the ore makes the job harder as tracking gets difficult.

Empower the industry with simple one stop solution with full transparency

Lighthouse ERP is the best solution for all the sponge iron DRI industries. Our tailor-made ERP software is fit for the entire modern industry requirement. Equipped with business intelligence, our ERP software for sponge iron DRI industry analyses complete statistical history and give various insights for better decision making. Lighthouse ERP software is continuously upgrading since 35+ years, and our expertise in designing ERP software makes us the leading provider of business performance software solutions. Control and monitor your business at every step with modern technologies that fits the modern world. By automating Industrial Waste Heat Recovery System with Lighthouse ERP, industries can optimize their workflow and yield better results.

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How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Maintain transparency in business processes

Lighthouse ERP aids the businesses and industries to maintain complete transparency in all business processes and activities. Lighthouse ERP gives complete control over information and data stored on centralized server so instant access can be provided whenever necessary.

Management human resource efficiently

Lighthouse ERP gives complete control for managing all the human resource assets efficiently. Create profiles that capture the competency of all the employees in the organization, with their skill set that matches the job in the hand. Teams can focus on their responsibilities according to set priorities of the tasks and execute them accordingly.

Fully Automated Solution

Automation in industry proves beneficial as it automates most of the processes. Automate routine business processes and store data in centralized location with Lighthouse ERP software. Centralized data is accessible to all the users who need to perform, but also enables automated communication between divisions.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Material Management

Identifying the source of supply to managing the production line, Lighthouse ERP’s material management module provides excellent solution for all the material and inventory requirements. Lighthouse ERP provides detailed information of all the stock and future requirement of material.

Production Planning

Schedule and plan production according to the demand of the product, Lighthouse ERP comprehends all the production planning and scheduling processes and helps the industry in better production planning. Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in improving efficiency exponentially.


Handle all the activities associated with budget with Lighthouse ERP’s integrated budgeting module. Right from procuring the raw material to logistics and movement, Lighthouse ERP provides complete one stop solution to all the budgeting requirements with by analyzing previous statistical history and current market rates.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.