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Rolling Mill Industry

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ERP for Rolling Mill Machine

Managing the material requirements in Rolling Mill industry poses huge challenges

Rolling mill industry has to face huge challenges in managing the raw material as there is huge rise in demand due to raising growth in infrastructure. Rolling mill industry has to manufacture various section different sizes and shapes to meet the demand in the rising demand. Manufacturing these sections and maintaining high quality of the product creates various difficulties in the Rolling mill industry. Rolling mill industry also has to manufacture various grades of steel products for infrastructure industry. All these difficulties and challenges makes great impact on the product cycle and meeting the demand.

Smoothen the wrinkles in processes by opting for Lighthouse ERP

Lighthouse ERP for Rolling mill industry irons out all complexities that occurs during the operations in Rolling mill industry. Our ERP software streamlines the processes and operations, giving complete control over the operations. Rolling mill ERP software provides complete transparency in the processes in the industry. Lighthouse ERP is a tailor made software solution with industry specific modules to cater to the modern requirements of the Rolling mill industry. Our ERP software helps the industry in balancing the RM to procure, plan FG, roll, and inspect and dispatch on specific set of products. Lighthouse ERP is complete one stop solution for the Rolling mill industry.

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How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Efficiency with automation

Automation helps the industry in achieving complete efficiency in the operations and processes in the industry. It helps the industry in estimation and quoting of complex projects with ease. Real time data and information update automatically to avoid unnecessary delays in the industry.

Absolute control

Gain complete control over the processes and operations in the industry with Lighthouse ERP software solution. All the processes and operations can be monitored in real time to ensure the proper functioning of the industry. Lighthouse ERP aids in getting complete control of all the operations.

Centralized storage of data

Lighthouse ERP stores all the information and data on centralized servers to gain easy access at any given instance. Centralized storage of data and information helps the business to access information without any geographical obstacle and updated in real time.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Inventory Management

Procuring raw material and managing manufactured products made easy with the Inventory management module in Lighthouse ERP. This modules completely eases the process of managing inventory and keeps it in check.

Finance and Accounts

Gain absolute control over financial transactions and records with finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software. All the financial transactions and activities associated with various accounts in recorded and stored in finance and accounts module.

Production Planning

Plan complete production cycle in the industry and schedule the production accordingly with production planning module in Lighthouse ERP software. This module helps the business is planning and managing all the activities associated with production cycle.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.