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Injection Moulding ERP Software

Every operation in injection moulding industry must be planned meticulously to avoid business hampering

Injection moulding industry heavily relies on the raw material. Plastic is the main component for moulding it into various shapes in order to manufacture products. Designing the product, moulding the product, and complete manufacturing process are the three main components in injection moulding industry. This processes and operations must be carefully planned so that the quality of the molded product stays top notch for customer satisfaction. Injection moulding industry needs a proper robust solution to help the industry achieve proper workflow with proper planning of all the production cycle.

An ERP system lies at the heart of the production

Lighthouse ERP software for injection moulding helps the industry transform the entire production planning and scheduling activities. Lighthouse ERP is designed to meet the industry specific requirements that can help the industry in improving the efficiency in the industry. Streamline all the operations in the industry to exponentially propel the results and performance of the industry only with Lighthouse ERP for injection moulding. When excellence coupled with technical expertise, the business grows automatically.

ERP for Injection Moulding

How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Complete integrated solution

Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry with software that integrates all the operations and processes in the industry. This helps the industry in easy execution of operations on time. Integrated software increases the productivity in the industry as all components are interconnected.

Easy Supply Chain Management

Manage the entire supply chain right from the procurement of raw material to delivering the finished goods to the supplier, Lighthouse ERP software provides complete solution for supply chain management in the industry. Lighthouse ERP delivers impeccable performance in the industry.

Quality without cost

Lighthouse ERP software ensures high quality production at all times with flexible suite of manufacturing tools. Lighthouse ERP software gives full glance of all the operations in the industry with complete transparency to stay ahead of the production pack.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in completely managing the financial transactions and cash flow in the industry with complete visibility.

Quality Control

Quality control module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in keeping the quality of the product high. It makes the production line follow set standards and guidelines to achieve high quality product.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing the entire supply chain operations with ease. Starting from acquiring the raw material to distribute the manufactured products, Lighthouse ERP handles everything.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.