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Beneficiation and Pelletization

Delivering the best ERP for Beneficiation and Pellet manufacturing industry

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Beneficiation and Pelletization is compound and fast growing industry

Beneficiation and Pelletization industry involves numerous challenges that posses great threats in the workflow of the industry. Processing the ore, removing impurities, and converting iron ore into pellets involve several intricate processes, and managing them simultaneously can be aggravating. Furthermore, fluctuating demand and supply of material is another hurdle Beneficiation and Pelletization industry faces. Procurement, refinement, and manufacturing are huge challenges in supply chain for Pelletization industry. Combining all these difficulties with logistics and movement makes the job tough for industry.

Make your operations smoother and faster with Lighthouse ERP

Lighthouse ERP delivers a solution that completely transforms the operations and processes in the industry. Our material management and inventory management modules changes the way how raw material and products are managed. Lighthouse ERP gives the industry absolute financial control and billing processes. Machine and equipment maintenance, monitoring, and reporting can be completed with ease with Lighthouse ERP. Achieve complete logistics and movement support with easy tracking and identification with automation. Automation gives our ERP software an edge over traditional software solutions and increases efficiency.

erp for pellet industry

How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Complete Supply Chain solution

Supply chain is an integral part of every ERP software, and for successful functioning of business, SCM is extremely crucial. Lighthouse ERP software for Beneficiation and Pelletization proffers complete supply chain solution by giving complete control over purchasing, production, warehousing, and distribution.

Fully Automated Solution

Automation in industry proves beneficial as it automates most of the processes. Automate routine business processes and store data in centralized location with Lighthouse ERP software. Centralized data is accessible to all the users who need to perform, but also enables automated communication between divisions.

Real time Visibility

Achieve complete transparency and visibility over all the operations and processes with Lighthouse ERP for Pelletization and Beneficiation. Track, identify, and control the entire manufacturing process and logistical movement. Lighthouse ERP provides real-time analysis of all the information and data, and delivers various insights and reports.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Finance and Accounts

Lighthouse ERP provides complete control over accounts and finance in the industry. Division wise and consolidated finance books management. Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Cash flow management becomes Simple in Lighthouse ERP. Detailed product costing and variance analysis to control product costs.

Inventory Management

Gain absolute control over the raw material and manufactured products with inventory management module in Lighthouse ERP for Beneficiation and Pelletization. Control Management, tracking, and storage of manufactured products easily with Lighthouse ERP.

Quality Management

Quality of the product must always be superior; with Lighthouse ERP you can remove all the barriers that tamper the quality of the manufactured product. Lighthouse ERP maintains all the guidelines and standards of quality control during the manufacturing process to get perfect product.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.